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        E3 is committed to providing unbiased analysis of the critical challenges facing the electricity industry.

        ABOUT US


        E3 has been on the leading edge of change since 1989, helping public and private-sector clients navigate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

        THE E3 STORY


        Get to know E3s analysts, economists, engineers, policy experts and scientists. Find out what we doand why we do it.

        OUR PEOPLE


        E3 helps utilities, regulators, policy makers, developers, and investors make strategic decisions as they implement new public policies, respond to technological advances, and address customers shifting expectations.


        Viewpoint: A Smart Transition to 100% Clean Energy

        In a recent opinion
        piece for UtilityDive, E3s Arne Olson and Dan Mullen argue that a

        E3 Projects Substantial Capacity Shortfall in the Pacific Northwest

        A new E3 study finds that the Pacific Northwest faces a near-term capacity shortage of…

        Marylands Draft Climate Plan, Built on E3 Analysis, Aims for Steep 2030 Emissions Cuts

        Marylands draft climate plan, released by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) earlier this…

        E3 Joins Willdan Group

        On October 30, Willdan Group (NASDAQ: WLDN) announced its acquisition of E3. Willdan is a…

        Minnesota Announces Transportation Decarbonization Pathways, With E3 Support

        The Minnesota Dept. of Transportation (MnDOT) recently announced plans to decarbonize the states transportation sector,…

        At CARB, Amber Mahone Outlines Technologies and Deployment Scenarios for Deep Decarbonization

        California has set an ambitious statewide goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2045, a future…

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